Agenda Comercial

Agenda Comercial is a program of management specially thought for the best performance of the area of sales of a company. With Commercial Agenda it is possible to automate frequent tasks of the people or person that are in charge of the sales of the

Supreme Comercial MUNDI  v.11 1

Supreme Comercial MUNDI is a software application for commerce, small-business companies automation, control and management, fast, and easy-to-use .


IXfer  v.1.0

Connect your iPhone via USB to your PC and you iXfer will give you the tools to manage your contacts and your files - currently. iXfer is a self developed progam, no comercial tool.

J4L PDF digital signature  v.1.0

Java component that creates/adds a digital signature to a PDF file. It is very easy to use, just 2 lines of Java code are required. It can be used in comercial products. This signature ensures the integrity of your document and its authentication.

Ayuda comerciales  v.

Por fin, ahora ya tienes en una sola aplicación todas las herramientas que necesita un comercial … y cualquier otra persona con necesidades puntuales de estas herramientas. El pack consta de tres herramientas, cada una además con una doble

CbCalc 7 ES  v.

El programa CbCalc fue diseñado para mejorar el tiempo de cálculo de los precios de bienes y servicios en servicio comercial. Puedes cálcular el precio incluyendo el IVA, descuentos y todos los totales presentados en el

Ok-Inventario programa de contabilidad 2.1.5s  v.1.0

OK-Inventario es un gratis programas de contabilidad, gestión comercial y gestión de negocios, programa de contabilidad, software para gestion de negocios, programas gestion de negocios, gestion de empresas, de ventas y compra, finanzas

Infotec  v.386

The goal of this project is to design and write comercial quality software and aplications with fully respect to free software (like in "free speach").

SCL Desktop E  v.rc.001

Sistema Comercial Linformatica Desktop Edition


E-Orders is the system of management of you order of purchase, that will allow him to control the purchases of all type of products for its company, being helped to reduce costs him and of improving the administrative efficiency.

Terragen 2 Technology Preview  v.

Terragen is a software that you can generate a landscape or scene, as you prefer to call it, within minutes, just need to learn to play with the controls of the computer software to make real wonders that seem captured photographs of real landscapes

My CyberCafe  v.9 3

MyCyberCafe is a complete professional software solution for management and billing for cyber- and internet cafes that allows you to control, activate, protect and settle your client-Terminals.

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